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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  August 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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historic event. go to the link to the dedication and dedicating the dream is at the top of our homepage. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> it is a busy night on the news edge. some of the stories we're working on, a giant dug bust at a local airport, the woman missing in aruba with the feds involved and off the top, the skyrocketing copper crime rate, another local area seeing an uptick in thefts and homeowners are paying the price. let's get to fox 5's wisdom martin in the newsroom. >> we've been telling you about these copper thefts all summer long and search for the suspects caught on camera stealing copper from gutters, then the two men arrested in gorge for running a copper theft -- in prince george's county for running a porn theft ring and selling $2,000 copper and now -- copper theft ring and selling $2,000 copper and now we're learning it's a big problem in virginia. >> we bought the house on friday and we were here until of night doing work on the
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house and then on sunday we were here until about 10:00. >> reporter: they were about ready to move in when they came in monday morning to put the finishing touches on house and started to see red. >> this pipe and those two pipes. >> reporter: criminals broke in through the backdoor and cut out several copper pipes. >> they pulled the pipes that go down into the hot water heater, cut this pipe to the hot water heater, cut this pipe to the hot water heater, took this pvc pipe and took the copper fittings that were in it. the air conditioner line they broke and took parts off. >> reporter: it turns out she isn't the only victim of this kind of crime. prince william county police say since june they've gotten several reports of copper theft at homes being renovated or vacant homes. investigators say there have been at least eight copper thefts in and around the dale city area. in most cases the bad guys broke in through the rear window or basement door.
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>> it has three locks. they were all locked and they managed to get through it. >> reporter: for this first time homebuyer it's a big time setback. they haven't spent a single night in the house and already they have to file an insurance claim. >> it's really infuriating because they did over $7,000 in damage and our contractor said they maybe got $100, $150 worth of trade-in pipe. >> reporter: their dream of living in a new home has been put on hold because some bad guys broke in and wanted to crash in on their copper. >> myself and my husband's dream, i spent the past few days crying my eyes out because i feel violated. >> reporter: in some cases they're causing more than just copper damage. in one of these cases reported some $25,000 in wire damage because the bandits cut the pipes causing them to leak. >> they don't care about anything. on a national scale is this a big problem or is it a local thing? >> it's a pretty big problem when you look at it, brian. a conservative estimate by the department of energy indicates copper wire theft cost this
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nation about a billion dollars per year and think about it like this. copper theft could drive electric rates higher because of the loss of inventory and stealing copper from electric substations or utility poles can cause a major electric outage. so problems for everybody around, not just limited to the people who have their copper stolen. >> been around a long time. remember when thieves stole the doors off the baltimore city courthouse because it was copper. wisdom martin tonight. new on the news edge this evening smugglers once again thought they could sneak drugs through dulles international airport and once again they were wrong. investigators seized a half million dollars worth of coke. the twist this time is where it was hidden. laura evans here now. >> customs officer bob stone and his canine rex a german shepherd were in the midst of a routine inspection last week of a commercial airplane that just landed at dulles from bogota, colombia. after everyone got off the plane officer stone and the dog inspected the passenger area and went down to the belly of
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the plane to the cargo hold. >> rex gave me a change of behavior, a narcotics alert and some other officers pulled the body panels and then we found some significant narcotics in there, cocaine. >> a little more than 18 pounds of cocaine. there were seven taped packages behind the panel there. street value, about $580,000. the inspection of that plane was just part of a random inspection operations customs and border patrol does on international flights. they say often they do come across weapons prohibited agriculture, drugs and other illegal items. >> of course, dulles no stranger to drug busts. how does this stack up to some of the recent ones lately? >> this was more than 8 kilos. last october they discovered 12 kilos of coke in a suitcase and a few months ago officer stone said they found a couple bricks and recently some marijuana and hash. so this is among the biggest,
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brian. >> laura evans tonight. also new tonight the financially strapped postal service is considering a drastic move, cutting as many as 120,000 jobs. the agency facing a second year of losses totaling at least $8 billion. another plan on the table to save cash, setting up its own retirement and health benefits systems for workers. congressional approval would be feed for either step and postal union -- needed for either step and postal unions oppose both. turning now to the presidential race, many of the republican candidates took aim at president obama on the debate stage tonight. they also took some shots at each other. fox 5's craig boswell has more from iowa. >> reporter: eight gop candidates streak a fiesty tone in tonight's republican debate. >> she led the effort against obama care. we gotbaum balm care. she led the effort against tarp. we -- obama care. she led the effort against tarp. we got tarp. she said she's got a titanium spine and we wanted results.
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please stop because you're killing us. >> reporter: and talking illegal immigration. >> america has got to learn how to take a joke. >> reporter: from ames, iowa, it's clear topic no. 1 is the country's economy, the unprecedented credit downgrade and the debt super committee. >> scrap the committee right now. recognize it's a dumb idea. go back to regular legislative business. assign every subcommittee the task of finding savings do. it out if the open through regular legislative order and get rid of this secret phoney business. >> reporter: and through creative quips on the debt deal and reform. >> look, i'm not going to eat barack obama's dog food. what he served up is not what i would have done if i would have been president of the united states. >> if you can find barack obama's specific plan on any of those items, i will come to your house and cook you dinner. >> reporter: republicans showing they share the same goals. >> two days from now we get to send a message to obama and this is it. you are finished in 2012 and
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you will be a one term president. >> the up and down market is up again. this time the reason is jobs. shawn yancy everywhere at 11:00. >> the dow closed up about 423 points today after words fewer people applied for unemployment last week. for 17 weeks the number of applications was at or above 400,000 every week. last week it fell to 395,000. european,s posted gains for one of their best days if recent weeks which also helped american marks climb. online gaming in the district has been delayed again because residents are holding up community forums on how it will work. the lottery says some residents don't want the forums to be held in the summer, so they're being put off till mid- september. d.c. council approved online gambling, but there is still question where the games will be installed. british prime minister david ram ron asked parliament to consider limits -- cameron asked parliament to consider limits on social networks. it's believed they have been
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used for riot attacks. more than 1,000 people have been arrested since riots started saturday. the fbi now investigating the disappearance of a local woman in aruba. just hours ago federal agos interviewed her boyfriend -- agents interviewed her boyfriend, what they were asking about, plus new details about the suspect. >> i think everybody wants to know are we in for more of the same and will it last through the weekend? full forecast is coming up. let's check out some of the other stories on our rundown. hang tight, be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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nearly two dozen people are out of their homes after an explosion and fire in a sterling apartment building. sky fox high above the scene this morning. fire crews say a water heater shifted causing a gas leak and
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explosion. most of the flames were out when firefighters arrived thanks to a sprinkler system. no one was hurt. the red cross helping the 21 people displaced by the fire. we're continuing to follow a developing story. aruban authorities have reached out to the fbi now. the feds are working hard to find out what happened to this woman, robyn gardner. she vanished while in aruba last week. fox 5's matt ackland in the newsroom with the latest. >> we are hearing federal authorities plan to search the home of gary giordano soon. he is being detained in aruba as authorities try to figure out what happened to his travel companion, robyn gardner. this is his home in gaithersburg. no officials there tonight, but you can see surveillance cameras mounted outside the home. meanwhile we have also learned that the fbi has been interviewing people close to robyn gardner, her boyfriend robert forrester saying he spoke to agents earlier today. >> i feel like they've just begun to sink their teeth into
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the case. i've been hoping for the past week that they would have gotten involved already, but from what i understand they have to have invitation either from the family or the solicitor or somebody from the aruban government. it was really general. it was mostly just about her, about her habits, robyn that is, kind of what our relationship was, about me a little bit, what i knew about gary giordano. >> fox news is reporting tonight giordano has stopped speaking to aruban officials, so that's why they asked for help in the united states. officials in aruba plan to release a picture of the couple hoping someone may have seen them before gardner disappeared. >> i know you talked to a woman about gary giordano today. she contacted us after seeing recent media coverage. >> yes, she did and she basically had an intimate relationship with him. she said that there was never any violence when they would
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get together over the last two years and she feels like the public needs to know that he has a good side as well. >> matt ackland tonight. coming up next cops say a local waiter used this small device to steal 42 grand. that's him and there's the device. wait till you hear how investigators stumbled upon the scam. plus the skins kick off their preseason in less than 21 hours. dave feldman up next with which players are going to be under coach shanahan's microscope. but first crime definitely paying for the so-called barefoot bandit. colton harris moore pleaded guilty in june to a cross- country crime spree including stealing a boat, a plane and cars. he'll be sentenced in october, already signed a movie deal for his life story worth $1.3 million. 
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a maryland waiter has been indicted in a scheme to skim customers' credit cards. bryan adams jr. worked at the tgi friday's on baltimore avenue in laurel. over a four month period last year he stole information from 73 credit cards, replicated the cards and spent more than 42 grand. >> we want our residents to know to be extremely vigilant in handing over your credit card to regularly check your bank statements, to be sure and check your credit report and to be ever so careful how you use a credit card. >> take a close look. this is what a skimming device looks like.
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the scheme was discovered when adams allegedly stole information from two secret service employees. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. crime in d.c. taking a dip in 2011 so far. there is a catch. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, d.c.'s latest crime stats are out and there is good and bad news. no. 5, homicides and robberies are down this year, but overall crime is up 3%. d.c.'s mayor credits efforts to keep streets clean, alleys well lit and a focus on youth crime. despite improvements in several typically troubled neighborhoods there was an increase in overall violent crime and property crime. no. 4, a possible break-through in a cure for leukemia. researchers at the university of pennsylvania genetically modified leukemia patients' own immune cells and used them to target and kill the cancer cells. all three patients right annoy are either in complete or partial re-- right now are either in complete or partial remission.
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no. 3, you may not find a seat as you wait for train at the gallery place chinatown station. four benches were removed from the east end of the redline platform. metro is trying to keep passengers spread out on the platform during rush hour. no. 2, a huge traffic alert, you can expect major backups and delays on the beltway in tysons corner this weekend. the southbound lanes will close friday and saturday night starting at 9:30 p.m. at the exit for the dulles toll road, first one lane and by 11 p.m. lanes will be closed. and no. 1 tonight, will come in handy for maryland drivers. starting thursday motorists can call 511 for info on traffic jams, lane closures, roadwork and weather-related delays. all you do is dial 511 and, brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> thank you, shawn. cruising into the weekend and so far, so good. >> yeah. it looks really nice.
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i wish i could say what we've experienced today and what we'll experience tomorrow will bakeically be the weekend, too. the answer to that, we do have some rain in the forecast and rain at this point would be beneficial for us. it does look like we'll be in for some rain on sunday as well. gorgeous night out there so far this evening, it's been great. how you've had a chance to step out and enjoy it a bit as temperatures pretty much areawide are falling into the 70s and there's already a wider reading this evening coming in at the 60s, gaithersburg 64, frederick 63. they're down a little bit. martinsburg down into the middle 60s, hagerstown now into the 60s and farther south temperatures are dropping, too. culpeper there at 68 degrees and manassas not coming in, but they're probably right around 70 degrees or so. it's going to be chilly overnight, talking 50s out there especially in our western and northwestern neighborhoods and it looks like another day
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tomorrow. it's going to be pretty much like what we had today. i think for this time of the year in august nearly a perfect day. some late thunderstorms coming into the mix on saturday, but that does not mean saturday is going to be rainout. it does, however, look like sunday has a greater chance of more widespread rain and more widespread thunderstorms in which it looks like at least most of us on sunday have a chance of getting some pretty good rainfall if the forecast holds up. normally we should be about 87 degrees for a high temperature. tomorrow we're right in there normal, a little bit warmer on saturday and i should say, too, on saturday a little bit pore humid with sunday showers and -- more humid with sunday showers and thunderstorms, more clouds, limited sunshine. temperature will be 83 degrees or so and monday we'll have showers in the first part of the day, i think more clouds and that will lead to temperatures only in the lower 80s as well. we're not talking about any big warm-up around the corner, to doubt about that. here is specifically the weekend forecast.
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the thunderstorms on saturday, a little bit later in the day, a little later into the evening hours. we struggle through most of the day fairly dry. sunday does look like a wet day, the wetter of the two, no doubt about it. high pressure on top of us tomorrow brings a lot of sunshine, nice comfortable temperatures for this time of year, pretty much typical and low humidity levels. on saturday, though, notice not a lot of rain here by 7:00, but definitely some showers and even some embedded thunderstorms as well and then as we shift into sunday not much has changed here and futurecast just updated with the latest information. so the latest modeling is coming in now. this is slightly different than 0 we saw even at 10:00, but it's -- what we saw even at 10:00, but it's pretty consistent. we're showing a lot of rain and some thunderstorms, too. tonight cooler in the suburbs, 50s, mid-60s in town and this is what it looks like the next several days, again, rainy the second part of the weekend. sunday is the rainy day. stick around.
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the edge continues. dave feldman comes back in with sports talking about the redskins first preseason game tomorrow night.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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what if sweet mocha wha fell from the sky?olate? or imagine catching icy caramel flakes as they drift down -- melting just as they touch your tongue or sliding down mounds of whipped cream right into a pile of rich chocolaty goodness. [ male announcer ] send your taste buds a sweet shiver with mcdonald's mccafé frappe. a creamy blend of ice, coffee and mocha. or caramel. mmm. sweet. ♪ ba da ba ba ba good evening. i'm dave feldman. the pittsburgh steelers come to town tomorrow and you know what that means, some bad news for the steelers. no, seriously, that's how the preseason goes between these two teams. washington with a 13-5-1 advantage over the steel city in games that really don't matter, but it does internally. the competition will heat up
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tomorrow, especially with kicker. the incumbent is graham gano who missed 11 field goals last season against five shayne graham who made all 12 last year. they'll alternate kicks. just 16 players remain from the jim zorn area. the defense will have a number of new players including terry cofield who is starter at nose guard. which starters will get the most playing time, offense or defense? >> you look at the defense and you have a number of new starters in there. they got to get some playing time and get used to our defense and feel comfortable with their scheme. so you may play some of those starters that haven't been with our system at least for a year a little bit more time than you normally would. >> the preseason is about learning. i'm sure coach shanahan has things he wants us to accomplish. >> john harbaugh and the ravens in their preseason opener, 1st quarter eagles fell 3-0. michael vick chased out of the pocket to his left, goes
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downfield to riley cooper who gets yanked down by ed reed, a 42-yard draft led to the only touchdown of the game. the eagles have a 13-6 win. tiger woods has a lot going on mentally bouncing back from a pretty big scandal, physically recovering from four knee surgeries and mechanicically trying another swing with yet another coach and that's a lot -- mechanically trying another swing with yet another coach and that's a lot of stuff. his beginning of the game started off well. his approach on no. 14 spins back for a birdie putt, but then the wheels fell off. he goes into the water for one of his three double bogeys, a 7- over 77, his worst score at this to upper amount. no problem for 44-year-old steve stricker, converted seven bogeys tying the course record. steve is 7-under the leader by two.
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u.s. open champ is rory mcilroy. on three hits a root on the follow-through, club goes flying, immediately favors his right wrist. he hurt some tendons and gutted it out, finished even par. he'll see tomorrow if he can go, but meanwhile tiger on his disasterous 77. >> it doesn't move, it moves about a yard or two. i'm used to having it cut a lot more than that and my draw used to move a lot more than that. so it's hard fme right now to aim at closer to flags or closer to where i want the ball to end up. i thought i was beyond that. >> evidently not. this afternoon nats and cubs top of the 7th michael morse gets drilled in the left elbow and he's in pain, taken to the hospital for x-rays, fortunately just a bruised elbow. 1-1 until jordan zimmerman surrendered back to back home runs. this is the second to carlos pena to give the cubs a 4-1 advantage. now to the top of the 9th, nats
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with the basis loaded trailing 4-3, a strikeout on a checked swing. the next batter slides out to end the game. nats fall to the cubs 4-3. orioles and the cubs, top 3 chicago leads 4 -0. a ground ball to the right side. chris xavier, he can handle it and he crashes it down and falls into the umpire. two runs storm the play. the white sox double up the o's 6-3 to take three of four. i'll see you tomorrow live from the steelers and the skins. brian is back right after this. t
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